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Miguel Cano

In a sense, all designers pursue the same proposition, ensuring that we can live differently. But it is the objects we design that really concretize our discourse and invite users to experience those experiences we so passionately seek to create.

I always keep in mind that an object is never just an object. They speak to us, they communicate with us in much more direct ways than we initially think. They do not incite us to take them one way or another, they are pleasant, but there are also times when they have so much character that it is very difficult to maintain an interaction with them, but there are also others that make us discover new ways to solve problems. They come in all shapes, forms, functions and sizes, and each one of these designs, as well as each one of mine, is an accurate testimony of what we designers are trying to tell you:

This is the way to enjoy life.

Del taller a tu mesa.

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think of craftsmanship are the typical forms of pottery pots made on the potter's wheel iconic of rural areas. We associate craftsmanship with the ancient, the rudimentary or the crude. We must not forget that craftsmanship can only be understood through working with hands, through the experience of a body that knows how to work a material.

But it does not exclude the modern and the contemporary, on the contrary, it embraces tools and new technologies. For me, craftsmanship is undoubtedly the relationship that is established between a person and a material, which also claims a way of understanding the manufacture of objects from the small, the personal and the passionate.


We must always keep our eyes on our surroundings. We are constantly learning from nature, and we are almost obliged to imitate it.

But the environment is also the city. It is one of our habitats, it has its own identity, its own forms and materials, in short, it has its own language, and therefore it is also a point of interest for the designer.

Through design and ceramics I try to explore these two environments, these two media. Sometimes focusing on one and sometimes relating them, taking the characteristics of one to where I think I could contribute the most from the other.


An object is never just an object. The way in which they invite us to use them already warns us that the power of design transcends the merely decorative.

The idea of design that I work with revolves around "experience". I explore the creation of objects with strange functionalities, and place them in people's daily lives to see to what extent I can transform the lives of those who use them. From purely aesthetic experiences to others where the way in which the object is used plays a leading role.

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